Who Is Serdar Durat?

Who Is Serdar Durat?

Fikirfabrikam Think Tank Founder and Moderator.

In 1975 Serdar graduated from the Naval Academy and after the Naval War College in 1982. He has been on duty in Turkish Navy in various headquarters and onboard war ships until he left TAF willingly and with “Navy Captain” rank in 1997.

He has expertise within “Strategic Planning and Management”, “Logistics” “ Shipping” “ Maritime Strategy “ and “International Relations”.

Serdar has also attended numerous certification training program in the USA, England and Germany.

He has been on duty as Logistics Plan Section Director for 3 years within Nato Hq. located in Naples /Italy. Also in Intelligence and Public Relations Director for about one year within “Nato Standing Naval Forces Mediterranean”.

In 1997 he moved to the private sector and served as a senior manager in “Construction & Contracting”- “Defence Industry”- “Maritime transport & shipping” sectors. Serdar Durat has worked as a lecturer at DEU Maritime Faculty and Naval Academy over the past few years.

He has published articles at the Newspaper DÜNYA and Haber3 which is one of the first news websites in Turkey. He still continues freelance management consultancy and mentorship activities inland and abroad.

Durat speaks English and Italian and is married with 3 children.

Who Is Serdar Durat?